The "SID" Concept Flow

  • Raw feedstock is received and weighed at the plant for processing
  • The feedstock goes through the Pre-processing plant and is prepared for the first stage of beneficiation and conversion
  • From there it moves to processing and will go through a few stages of beneficiation
  • The waste stream from each stage of processing is fed to another process which will result in an additional product being produced.
  • As the waste from the former process is the feedstock for the latter process we end up with a ZERO waste agro processing production platform.
  • The integration adds value at each point and additional profit which results in a self subsidizing bioenergy and food production platform.
  • Additional jobs are created at each value adding process
  • There are also ZERO harmful emissions resulting from the activities at the plant.
  • Only the high value beneficiated products are transported out of the local region with all bulk products used on site and in the immediate surrounding vicinity.
  • The schematics in slides 2 and 3 describe these overall process and concept flows and
  • The schematics in slides 4, 5 and 6 describe the main processes in more individual detail.
Concept Flow
Process Flow
Intergrated Biofuels
Plant Process Flow
Bio Ethanol
Plant Process Flow
Bio Diesel
Plant Process Flow
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