AATec’s vision

AATec’s vision is to be a leader in the renewable energy market in Africa. This means driving ourselves to be the best in everything we do. Our strategy is to be open to change whilst remaining focused. This is achievable because of experience of our people who bring multi-disciplinary capabilities. This approach meets our clients’ expectations, creates opportunities for our people and enables us to deliver on our promises.

Our Focus

We are socially and environmentally responsible entrepreneurs with a ‘Triple Bottom Line’ strategy. Our focus is the development and implementation of Sustainable, Renewable and Alternative energy solutions for Southern Africa and the continent.

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Company Profile

We are working with solar PV and tracker technology in the REFIT RFP bidding windows. Furthermore we work with Proven Technologies as well as developmental technologies in the below categories. These interventions extend into the SADC region of countries and in some cases Sub Sahara. We are developing a project model with Double Axis Tracker and chemical storage for the small generators RFP.



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AATec, the right choice:

AATec is a firm of substantial experience and has a history of quality delivery. AATec is aiming to establish itself as one of the leading providers of renewable energy technologies in South Africa. The resources that you will have at your disposal will have the requisite training and experience as professional service specialists.
We strongly believe in working closely with our clients. We look forward to interacting with you, and developing a strong relationship. We are also aware that we have a responsibility to deliver objective, sound results that are of significant relevance to all parties involved and we look forward to this challenge.

We are personally committed and enthusiastic about the opportunity to work with partners on this groundbreaking initiative. Thomas Munn will be the key point of contact. The team will further comprise members from various disciplines who have a wealth of experience in the renewables energy industry, infrastructure, project management, project finance, capital raising and the structuring of such a      transaction.

At the base of the AATec brand, is our outstanding professional team who work together to deliver value. As a values-based organisation, our values are central to everything that we do. The benefit of this is self-evident:

  • Building relationships with management, on a premise of trust, integrity and commitment whilst remaining fully independent
  • Our local knowledge, skills and experience – and capacity – supported as necessary by other professionals in AATec
  • Unrivalled technical knowledge; confidently expressed and fully supported
  • Understanding business needs and risks