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Introduction by Thomas Munn,
former CEO of
African Alternative Technologies

African Alternative Technologies (AATec) was formed with the primary objective being positioning itself, as an Alternative Energy and Sustainable Integrated Decentralised or “SID”, organic agriculture and Biofuels Rural Economic Development project manager/deverloper, and technology supplier. AATec also brings experts in financing of green projects to the table with unique funding models tailored specifically to the aplication.. AATec has preferential agreements in place with cutting edge technology development companies; both locally and internationally and can assist companies in setting and realising their environmental objectives, by identifying and connecting clients with projects to offset or negate the carbon generated by clients business operations.

Our primary focus at present is the REIPPP, as well as the Southern African Power Pool and the objectives as set out by Government in the National strategy on Biofuels and how this relates to our Business Venture's. The application of these cutting edge, and innovative technologies towards achieving South Africa's ambitious Renewable Energy target as set by the 2002 White paper , and the stimulation of the economy, job creation, rural empowerment and the reduction of green house gas emissions are AATec's priorities.

South Africa is in the fortunate position to draw on all the experience and technological advancements around the world before embarking on this ambitious goal, and we at AATec believe we have access to some of the most advanced, innovative, efficient and cost effective solution for Utility Scale Renewable energy, energy storage, energy saving, biofuels, some advanced alternative energy and waste to energy interventions and cutting edge transport solutions available at this time.

Consequently AATec looks forward to exciting progress in the immediate future and is partnering with Government and communities as well as aligned businesses and individuals in implementing these interventions.

Concentrated PV

ConcentratedPV PIC

Hydro Electric

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Bio-Diesel Turbine
Fresnel Solar Thermal
Technologies Utility
Gravity Energy

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We believe this applies equally to South Africa and have kick started the process by securing the local manufacturing rights to the best technologies available from International suppliers of alternative energy solutions.

So, we have a choice to make.... We can remain a major importer of foreign oil and one of the world's worst emitters of greenhouse gasses, or we can make the investments that would allow us to become one of the world's leading exporters of renewable energy and associated technology. We can let the jobs of tomorrow be created abroad or we can create those jobs here in South Africa and lay a solid foundation for lasting prosperity for all

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